Stop, Drop, and Roll

Here’s what I do when a student is mildly disruptive, disrespectful, or avoiding work.

Stop: I stop near them without saying anything and give them a chance to correct themselves. This works most of the time. Students inherently want to be good.

Drop: If stopping doesn’t work, then I privately drop a firm and polite statement that redirects the unexpected behavior: “Please get to work on your assignment. I’ll check back in a few minutes if I notice that you still need support.”

Roll: I roll on immediately after the redirect is given and return to check in with the student in 3-5 minutes if the behavior continues (most of the time it doesn’t).

Note 1: I like to make classroom management strategies like these apparent to my students. I tell them: “This is what I do when I notice that a student needs support…”

Note 2: Special thanks to the amazing teacher-turned-principal that taught me this strategy during a graduate class at Seattle University.

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